Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Need to figre this shit out, just posting this really to see how this site works. I am the only one completely baffled by it? I have an IQ of 129 for Darwin's sake. I think I am going to start my blog about civilisation becuase all though I am playing my part at the moment, all I want is out. I want my own land that I will declare no longer part of the counrty it is based in, so no taxes and I will be able to grow my own marijuana. I will try to set this up after playing the game for a few years to save up money to get me going and I plan to do this with a couple of friends. I am sick of being told how to think, what to do and the general mold that we are all being squezed into. Watch; Fight Club, The Union (Documentary) and Wake Up Call (documentary)

Question everything you are ever told. Don't believe "the truth" but don't disregard it, just fucking open your mind and think about things for yourself you sheep.


  1. you will figure it if you just spend some time on it - good luck!

  2. cool Story Bro!;)
    I support you
    visit my blogs!;)

  3. The Mad Man thinks about it from time to time...but then he goes mad again...and again...the it's okay again to be in madness!

  4. telling people to think for themselves, how ironic. you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink. people are happy as sheep, you cant try to take that from them just because you dont want to be a sheep anymore.

  5. You need to update more, man! I wanna see some more stuff from ya! :)